e shtunë, 16 qershor 2007

yee haw.

Yesterday morning we played One Two Renga
which is basically a Think Wrong exercise in 3D. We played it with Bruce Lindsey, who's a Proj M advisor. He usually gets his architecture students to play it, to challenge their ideas of what architecure is; Renga, being so spontaneous and hands-on, messes with the proscribed idea of architecture being something that doesn't get your hands dirty. It also explores the process of designing something in a group.

If you look carefully, you'll see that Bruce worked it out so that we stuck to our 'This is Happiness' theme, and our 'must incorporate type' constraint. In this case though, we had to construct it with alphabets. The enitre structure had to tend towards sphere-icity.

Bruce was essentially trying to get us to play out our own process, the 8x8 one that Wendy's earlier post describes.

The action happened on the deck.

Wendy and Ben begin the games.

Circle, sphere, same difference.

Tim and Ellen in action.

John and Alissa strategize while Dana and Eric plug away.

Bruce and Eric.


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