e enjte, 21 qershor 2007

Greensboro: A Step-By-Step Interactive Introduction

In our current age of advanced technology, there are fewer and fewer limitations on communication. We are dialed in, linked up, and moving at the speed of a T1. Since our first day in Greensboro, our evenings have been filled with an scent unlike anything else we have ever encountered. It emanates from the local Catfish plant when the day's waste is released. To bridge the gap from our electronic postings to your home, I have devised an easy interactive model for our viewers at home.

Step 1) Find a baby.
Step 2) Feed the baby creamed asparagus, mashed peas, and strained carrots.
Step 3) Wait 10 minutes. Check baby's diaper.
Step 4) After diaper is overflowing, dispense of baby and place undergarment in a Tupperware bowl.
Step 5) Let sit for 1 month.
Step 6) Remove diaper and place over head and mouth.
Step 7) Breath deeply.
Step 8) Repeat Step 7 until vomiting is almost induced.
Step 9) Remove diaper.
Step 10) Repeat Steps 6-9 for 1 month.

Welcome to the Catfish Capital of Alabama.

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