e martë, 5 qershor 2007

Day 1: Who needs a bathroom door?

Our first night of Project M was spent steeped in sweat, assembling Ikea bunk beds, constructing make-shift clothing drawers, and a cardboard door for one of our bathrooms (the only functioning toilet). Ben and Laura arrived earlier in the day and had already assembled two beds and figured out a system for storing our clothes under the beds (resourceful, ain't they?). We exchanged introductions and stories while working together. The "sweat equity" of our efforts created an instant sense of community between eight complete strangers. In celebration of our immediate accomplishments, we drove out to El Tenapa (the nearest Mexican restaurant) and enjoyed our first meal together.

We slept through the night; bellies full and bodies tired. Project M 2007 began with sweat, comradery, and a sense of community. How would it end?

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