e hënë, 25 qershor 2007


For three nights in a row, we've gone to Piggly Wiggly (locally known as "The Pig") to shop for supper. For three nights in a row, I've succeeded in finding a grosser food item than the night before. Not ironically, each is a pig-based product. The first time, in the corner of the store by the swing door leading to the back, I found a cart of pickled pigs lips. The next night, in the refrigerated meat section, I found a bin of gray vomit-textured matter. The product is called Souse, and its ingredients (in order of appearance) are pig snouts, pig tongue, pig liver, vinegar and paprika. For all you South Beach and Atkins folks, know that it only has 1 carb. The picture here shows me with last night's find, the prize of all. I doubt I can top this, but I'll keep up the search nonetheless.

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